Enhancing Global
Food Systems

At Agricorp, we are putting Nigeria on the global export radar by leveraging on our investments to building simple processing systems for spices and other agro products

At the heart of major spices and ingredient supply chains.

Agricorp is a proudly Nigerian company (with a UK Office) that provides global exports to clients of ginger sourced in key trading markets in Africa. We currently have an origination processing facility in Kaduna (Nigeria). Agricorp has invested in a state of the art 0.5MT/hour integrated spices processing equipment. The technology meets with both international and local standards. Our aim is to put Nigeria on the radar for the export of ginger, turmeric, garlic and other indigenous spices and agro products.

50 years experience across diverse value chains.

Our team has combined diverse experience across several agricultural projects. We have consulted for government, engaged private sector and also served as professionals within the international trade and development industry.

Supporting over 10,000 Nigerian ginger farmers.

At Agricorp, we’re working with local farmers to fully maximise crop cultivation potentials and consistently deliver on global market demands for indigenous spices. Our approach to market supply has made for a more inclusive local community of farmers who have a market for their produce.

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