About Agricorp

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage African agricultural stakeholders in the spices and poultry sector to increase productivity, reduce post-harvest losses and deploy optimal market linkages to major processors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the single largest producer and exporter of spices and organic poultry from Africa.


Agricorp deals in livestock production, processing and export of poultry products while leveraging high tech to cater to its increasing market demand. The poultry facilities are set up at three strategic locations in Nigeria with a capacity of producing 4 million birds per year.

Poultry farming in Nigeria only caters to 30% of the meat needs of Nigerians. As demand for protein rises, we embrace the challenge and harness this opportunity to invest in poultry production.

Our poultry processing line provides comprehensive solutions that cover cutting, deboning, portioning, slicing and packaging stages in poultry processing. 

We ensure our food systems are transparent, safe, efficient and sustainable with the help of technology.


We provide global exports to clients of ginger sourced in key trading markets in Kaduna (Nigeria). We currently have an origination processing facility in Nigeria We have invested in building a semi-mechanized processing facility in Kaduna, capable of processing over 5,000MT of ginger annually. The facility employs over 100 local workers (80% women) in the cleaning and sorting sections of the process.

With this investment, Agricorp can deliver on exporting ginger and other processed spices to major buyers in the Middle East, Europe and America.

Agricorp is a leading producer of spices for food manufacturers, foodservice distributors, restaurant chains, and retail spice companies.

Our produce is always sourced responsibly and delivered with ethics and integrity.

With an exceptional commitment to quality since inception, Agricorp exports the most natural and authentic spices to our clients worldwide.

Agricorp has invested in a medium-scale 0.5MT/hour integrated spices processing equipment. The technology meets both international and local standards in producing clean fresh ginger, dried ginger, ginger powder, dehydrated garlic powder, chilli powder, dehydrated onion powder, and lime powder. 

Our Core Values

The core guiding values of Agricorp are I.D.E.A.L. These values make Agricorp the ideal agribusiness consulting company for you to partner with.


At Agricorp, we relate with our team members, business partners and clients with 100% integrity. We believe that honesty, truthfulness, and trust form the bedrock of strong and healthy relationships as well as long-term loyalty.


We have a strong drive to achieve whatever we set out to do individually and as a team. We are goal-oriented, target-driven and determined to help everyone associated with us achieve great success.


“First-class” is our watchword. We believe excellence is a journey and not a destination. This is why at all times, we ensure exclusive quality in all our dealings, processes and service delivery. At Agricorp, “Mediocrity is a Taboo…Excellence is our Tradition”.


It is our responsibility at Agricorp to be diligent in everything we do and be accountable to our individual team members, partners and clients for our every action.


Leadership is Good Service. Agricorp is in business to serve you and provide high-quality advisory and professional services to meet your business needs.